Is Bepanthen cream natural or not?

Tattoo Healing

Bepanthen for your tattoo is extremely popular as a aftercare product in Australia and worldwide including the USA and Europe. Being primarily a nappy rash ointment it has been transferred into aftercare product even thought it hasn’t been designed or formulated for this purpose. Most people want to know is Bepanthen for your tattoo a good thing? If you look closely at the ingredients it has fifty percent good ingredients and fifty percent bad because people are not aware that the bad part located in the ingredients includes petroleum jelly (which is unnatural).

Bepanthen as a tattoo aftercare product is not a prefered choice and if you are able to find a natural solution it is much better. Mr Bees Manuka is a australian family business that produce organic and natural skincare & lifestyle products made from Manuka honey. One of their most popular products is tattoo healer as it has been known to heal up a new tattoo in 2-5 days, and is also a great every day moisturiser with a natural spf.

5 Reasons You Should Get A Tattoo

Your mom probably told you that getting a tattoo is a responsible decision. In fact, it’s just as simple as getting a haircut or getting your ears pierced. A tattoo is another way to highlight your style and express yourself. You can also check some of the most creative tattoo design ideas here. Here are five grand reasons to get a tattoo today:

  1. Tattoos last a very long time without any touchups. Modern tattoo techniques allow them to stay fresh and impressive for decades.
  2. You can choose virtually any pattern you can come up with, from an exotic flower to Sigmund Freud’s face.
  3. It’s a special way to pay tribute to different people or organizations, such as your loved one, a deceased family member or your favorite team.
  4. If you love art, your body can become the canvas for a real masterpiece. You can carry art with you anywhere you go.
  5. Tattoos are amazing! They often serve as an attraction magnet for both genders.

All you have to do is find a professional salon, choose a pattern, and go for it!

UV Head Tattoo – incolor UV ink (mandala)

This is an invisible tattoo done with some UV ink. It means that this ink glows under black light. This is a huge mandala done on the crane, very painful tattoo.

This video contains only the first part of the tattoo.

Celestial Being

This Tattoo is a great use of space and position. It’s big and bold yet feminine and intelligent all in one. We also love that this Lady is still giving love to Pluto, even though scientists aren’t. You know your about to check facts for yourself. Great Piece of Art. The Ink is Rockin’ Too!