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Is Bepanthen cream natural or not?

Bepanthen for your tattoo is extremely popular as a aftercare product in Australia and worldwide including the USA and Europe. Being primarily a nappy rash ointment it has been transferred into aftercare product even thought it hasn’t been designed or formulated for this purpose. Most people want to know is Bepanthen for your tattoo a good thing? If you look closely at the ingredients it has fifty percent good ingredients and fifty percent bad because people are not aware that the bad part located in the ingredients includes petroleum jelly (which is unnatural).

Bepanthen as a tattoo aftercare product is not a prefered choice and if you are able to find a natural solution it is much better. Mr Bees Manuka is a australian family business that produce organic and natural skincare & lifestyle products made from Manuka honey. One of their most popular products is tattoo healer as it has been known to heal up a new tattoo in 2-5 days, and is also a great every day moisturiser with a natural spf.

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