Radical Scorpion Man Tattoo

Scorpion Man Tattoo

When I look at this tattoo I just have to say WOW! That’s badass!!! Scorpion Man is a radical full back piece tattoo. Destructively colorful and full of realisticly surreal detail. This tattoo is all about action. From the hot babe in distress to the blown out buildings and helicopters to the comic style lettering and color combinations this is an extremly intense work of body art.

School Of Dolphins In The Reef

Incredible Dolphin Tattoo

Here’s an incredible backpiece tattoo of a school of dolphins in the reef. The brillance of the colors really shine with the sun beam rays illuminating the underwater landscape. The detail is absolutely spectacular. ¬†What a beautiful and amazing piece of body art.

Indian and Lion Salute The Gods

Check out this kick ass tattoo. It’s an Indian Warrior and a powerful mountain lion amongst the plains. Eagles soaring. They look like they’re saluting the gods and preparing for battle. Love the contrast of the backpiece. How the color creates a great separation between foreground and background giving it nice depth.

Portrait Of A Saint

This tattoo of what seems to look like the Virgin Mary is stunning. The decorative style line work and shading is spectacularly intricate. A black and grey masterpiece accented with a few dabs of color makes this an incredible work of body art.

India Woman

Check out this blended shoulder backpiece of a lovely woman from india paired with water, clouds and a dragon. An excellent blend of colors and linework really makes this tattoo pop.