Best Friends

Jamais Seule means Never Alone! Two Best Friends, Kailie Pemberton and Allison Kindle, Having a Great Night On Davis Islands Fla.

Radical Scorpion Man Tattoo

Scorpion Man Tattoo

When I look at this tattoo I just have to say WOW! That’s badass!!! Scorpion Man is a radical full back piece tattoo. Destructively colorful and full of realisticly surreal detail. This tattoo is all about action. From the hot babe in distress to the blown out buildings and helicopters to the comic style lettering and color combinations this is an extremly intense work of body art.

Last Girl On My Mind

Here’s a cool pair of hand tattoos that have a real retro flair in style. Great detail and composition on the line work and shading making the depth dramatic and bold with old skool tattoo lettering on the fingers.